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Monday, September 22, 2008

Quality AND Quantity

The quality of life in Naples is tough to beat...Our doctors and world-class hospitals are at the forefront of medicine...Staying fit and healthy comes naturally to Naples residents. The gyms and spas are too numerous to mention. -and There are so many natural attractions, too: beautiful beaches, preserves and parks...boating, fishing, eco-tours, sanctuaries...not to mention golf. More private golf holes per-capita than any other city in the world! So many wonderful outdoor activities...It is no wonder a recent article in Money Magazine rated Naples and Collier County #4 for longevity in the U.S.A. where life expectancy is 80.97. I'm not sure how they measure this, but I always knew there was a connection between "quality and quantity" and often wondered why Naples had not made the list before now. Just one more reason to consider a move to Collier County...Live good, Live long, make Naples your home!

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