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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 : The Year We Have All Been Waiting For...

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in...A pessimist stays up till midnight to make sure the old year leaves."
~Bill Vaughn
So, has there ever been another year written about as often as 2012? Of course, 1984 comes to does the new millennium. Ah yes, waiting for the clock to strike on December 31st, 1999 at 11:59 PM--I'm sure you remember where you were at that moment....ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...Wasn't the world supposed to end then, too? But, the Twenty-12 phenomenon has crept beyond ones own imagination into the mainstream with impending fears of cataclysmic events that are predicted to change the world as we know it...Movies have been made [the disaster film made in 2009: 2102], scholars have studied Mayan history and culture [it's their calendar that many of the predictions are based upon], and New Age beliefs about galactic alignment are taking notice among even the less mystic-minded souls...Doomsday theories have spread like wildfire, especially with the use of Internet, Youtube...Dan Brown's book, The Lost Symbol...why even The History Channel aired a special series about "The Last Days on Earth" and "Nostradamus 2012". The Discover Channel also aired "2012 Apocalypse"...supposedly more evidence that earthquakes and volcanoes will throw us all into a black hole...just more doomsday hype?
What do you think all the hype is about? And, what do you think we should be taking seriously, or not so seriously? What are you planning to learn from all this sensationalism, and where do you intend to be on December 21st, 2012? I'm sure, if you are being honest, you've thought about this. For me? Well, I've seen Gregg Braden live, I've read his books...I'm interested in what he says and very open to his explanations. I've studied Mesoamerica prophecy, although not as in-depth as many, but enough to feel pretty comfortable about hosting Christmas Eve at my house again next year--
I believe this...Typically, in trying times, the greater the challenge the greater the lesson. An example; if you have ever spoken to someone who is a cancer survivor they will tell you that event changed their life forever...and almost always for the better---Difficulties teach us to prioritize. They teach us to remain calm during a storm. They teach us to live life to the fullest. They teach us to appreciate those things that we might overwise take for granted. They teach us that "this too shall pass..." They bring out the best in us that we might otherwise have never been called forth to dig as deep to find our inner strength...So, it's not necessarily the END OF THE WORLD, but rather the end of the world as we know it...from the smallest scale to the largest. And maybe, just maybe it will be a kinder, gentler world--now wouldn't that be wonderful! I believe everyday can be our "doomsday" or the "first day of the rest of our lives"...Only you get to decide.
Let's make 2012 the best year yet!
Thank you, and Happy New Year,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Business Planning 101

Well, here we are, getting ready to flip our calendars over to yet another year. It'll probably take more than a few times of mindlessly writing 2011 on checks and letters before the new year sinks in and twenty-12 becomes more natural. It's been a good year...we met our business goals, our children and grandchildren are all healthy, my mom is still getting younger with every passing year, we took a few great vacations...Yes, life is good in paradise. As I am writing this Chip is sitting at the desk beside me working on spreadsheets for our income taxes and I have been busy putting the finishing touches on our 2012 Business Plan. I've been writing a Business Plan for many years, and only once in the past 20 or so years did I make the choice to go it alone without the aid of a written plan. [It's a long story]. As it turns out, that ended up being a pretty good year, yet the very next year I went back to a written plan. I'm just one of those people that stays on track more easily if I have a plan. I think that's true of most folks. Personally, I will be very happy on the day I can chuck all that planning aside for a more serendipitous life, but for now, and for my sanity I plan, I organize, I color code.
For those of you reading this that are considering writing a business plan, maybe even for the first time, here's a little guidepost to get you started.
#1. You've got to have goals, but more importantly, you've got to have strategies for obtaining your goals: tactics and systems in place that support and direct you to the results you desire.
#2. I recommend, in addition to a business mission statement that you also have a personal mission statement. One or two concise sentences that sum up who you are. I've had the same personal mission statement since 1995...never changed one word. It's the purpose of my life.
#3. You must have a marketing plan. This should include a budget that you stick to throughout the year.
#4. Surround yourself with happy, successful, energetic, positive, proactive people.
#5. Keep your plan in a place where you can refer to it often.
Yup...that's about it. Like the post title says, "Business Planning 101" really doesn't have to be complicated. You probably already know what you have to do to meet your goals...the question now becomes are you willing to do the work?
If buying or selling a home in Naples, Florida becomes one of your goals, please call us. It would be our privilege to assist you in meeting your Naples Real Estate goals! 239.370.0574
Good luck to everyone in 2012! I think it's going to be an unbelievable year!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Friday, December 2, 2011

22 Shopping Days 'til Christmas!

Have you made your "list" and checked it twice? As any of you who know me well know, I am a list maker...I have lists for everything!
  1. The everyday "To do" list
  2. The "I never go to the Grocery Store without a" list
  3. The Books I want to read list
  4. The Birthday and anniversary cards for the month ahead list
  5. The Things that need to get done around the house list
  6. The Guests attending our Christmas parties [yes, I'm having more than one party] list
  7. The What to cook at each party list
  8. The Christmas gift list...card list...

Well, you get the picture. It comes from being a first born, organized, sometimes compulsive, cannot say "no", overachiever...lists are what keep me sane! I actually like lists. When I get a little behind, I've even been known to put things on my lists that I've already me a sense of accomplishment..."check!" ~Have you seen the commercial on TV lately of the woman who goes to the check out and asks the clerk if he can read anything on her list and he says, "No, there's a line through everything."...and she smiles and gives him a "Boo-ya"!

Anyway, I know a lot of you reading this like lists, too. In fact, one of the most requested blog post suggestions I've gotten recently is for me to post lists of what's selling and what I think are some of the best buys around Naples. So here's a short recap of what happened in the market in November, and what is currently for sale in some of the neighborhoods where The Harris Peppe Team lists and sells:

  • There were a total of 231 single family homes and 243 condos that closed in Naples in November 2011. Down less than 1% over the same time period a year ago.
  • Of those 474 closings, 89 were listed as "Short Sales"...that's about 18%
  • 43 of the 89 short sales were priced below $300,000!
  • 98 were listed as "foreclosures"...about 20%
  • 91 of the 98 were priced below $300,000!
  • There was a total of 33 closings priced at or above $1 million
  • 3 of the 33 were short sales, and only 1 was a foreclosure!
  • There was a total of 20 single family homes that sold last month in NA 04 to NA 08 [this includes but is not limited to Pelican Bay south to Port Royal along the beach and includes Old Naples, and the Royal Harbor Area as well] 3 of the 20 were short sales. There were 49 condo sales in these same areas, and only 2 were short sales.
  • Presently there are 67 single family homes for sale in Old Naples [NA 06]. Only 9 are listed below $1 million! The least expensive home for sale in Old Naples as of this writing is priced at $549,000
  • There are 139 condos listed in Old Naples starting at $109,000 for a 1 BR/ 1 BA on up to a luxurious villa for $2,550,000
  • There are 102 homes for sale in NA 05 [Crayton Road corridor]. With just a handful priced below $500,000, on up to a waterfront home boasting 5,400 sf built in 2004 with an asking price of $5,250,000.
  • One of the hottest neighborhoods is NA 15, the area between US 41 and Goodlette Road, which showed a 7% improvement in the past 12 months as compared to the previous 12 months. Presently there are 46 single family homes available. 15 of the 46 are listed as short sales, and 36 of the 46 are priced below $300,000.

Well, that's my list for the day--I hope it helped you get a better picture of what is happening in some of the areas in Naples Real Estate. Please call us if buying a home in Naples is on your list! 239.370.0574

~And remember, Naples is usually Santa's last stop!

Thanks, and make it a GREAT day,

The Naples Real Estate Blogger

*Data is derived from the Naples multiple listing system, SunshineMLS and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Select Vendor of the Week

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Martin's Cooling and Heating, Inc. We recently hired them to do service work at our own personal residence. All the employees were hard working, personable and skilled. We have hired them many times before, and have referred them to many of our Naples customers over the years. They always do a fabulous job. They are reliable, and set a high business standard both in their job performance and knowledge of the industry, as well as their ethics. Their prices are very competitive..their website states that their main goal is to provide quality service and honest pricing.
The fact that they are a family owned and operated business is just one more reason why we feature them on the Select Vendor list on the home page of our website: Please feel free to contact them today to find out how they can help you to improve the air quality of your home or condo. You can schedule a service call directly by logging onto their website: or by calling them directly at 239.430.1685
A good rule of thumb is to change your air filters on the first day of each month, or on the day your electric bill comes in the mail as a reminder! Now, that's a "cool" idea!
Hope you are all having a great day, and remember, if you need anything related to The Naples Real Estate market, please give us a call: 239.370.0574
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Power of Being Thankful

The power of being's not your typical real estate blog post...
I started keeping a journal when I was a teenager, although back then it was called a diary. Having moved from New York, to New Jersey, to California, to Texas, to finally Naples, many of those 'Notes To Myself' have been lost...or buried in boxes in storage...or simply read & re-read a few times before making their way into a shredder or burning bowl ceremony, where letting go and healing was much better than hanging on...Over the years I have come to believe that Being Thankful is one of the 2 most important aspects of living a good life...[The other is forgiveness]. Being Thankful...For EVERYTHING! Good and bad. Days that run smoothly like a gentle ocean breeze: T h a n k y o u...and, Days that wipe you out like a storm trying to demolish everything in its path. T h a n k y o u. I know, no "I KNOW", that it is all for my highest and best good...even the challenges, no ESPECIALLY the challenges! I mean, seriously, have you read a newspaper lately, watched the news? Can you find dozens of things to complain about, to be sad about, to be angry about, to worry about? Oh course you can...but can you also find thousands of things for which to be grateful? I am certain you can. ~and, I am certain that once one begins to count blessings, everything in life turns around. Someone once said, "You cannot be stressed and grateful at the same time." I agree with that!
Today I keep a Gratitude Journal, and I write in it almost every morning....I began this ritual a few years ago. Today I randomly opened it up and 'thumbed' through it...I couldn't help but smile when I read some of the entries: "I am grateful for...When Chip makes the coffee, A friend stopping by unexpectedly, The Yankees in post-season, Chocolate biscottis, Finding a $10 bill in my pocket, Firefighters, Three sons who call me to just say I love you mom, Having choices, my purple scarf, The ability to see the blessing in each situation, Clean sheets, Old photographs, being able to hear music, rainbows, The books on my coffee table"...well, you get the picture. Of course, it goes without saying that we are all grateful for the obvious things in life: Our loved ones, our health, our jobs, our talents, our homes...and sometimes, even those big things are taken for granted. But, being thankful for things when they are NOT going our way...Ahhhh, now that takes a bit more work indeed. I had a little medical scare this year that turned out to be a false alarm--I didn't tell anyone but Chip. Because I try to practice being thankful for everything, as soon as I got the initial news [and took that first deep breath], I simply said, 'Thank you God for whatever you hold in store for me. I know it is for my highest and best good, and the highest and best good for all those around me, and I can't wait to see the blessing that will come of it." This simple prayer completely turned my energy around. Being grateful gave me a different perspective.
So, on this very special holiday I would like to just say Thank you. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have added so much to the success of you to our amazing customers, loyal friends and colleagues, the vendors, the staff at Coldwell Banker, our neighbors on Fifth Avenue South, The Naples Area Board of Realtors...Thank you that I get to sell homes in paradise...and, last but not least, Thank you to Chip and Sam!
Happy Thanksgiving!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Naples Waterfront Real Estate

What's happening on the water in Naples Florida?
There is a very limited supply of new construction homes for sale in Naples Florida. Currently there are a total of 2,585 homes for sale in all 'NA' zones in Naples according to our local multiple listing system, SunshineMLS. When doing a search of the Naples MLS for single family homes presently for sale that have been completed in the year 2011 there are only 109. Interestingly enough, when I reduce that search down and request only those homes found on the water with direct gulf access [no bridges], again built in 2011; there are only TWO single homes, currently Active in the MLS, that are ready for occupancy! One is located in Port Royal listed at $8,450,000, and the other is in Royal Harbor [address links to a virtual tour and additional information and photos] located at 2178 Tarpon Road which is being offered at $2,890,000. That's it! TWO houses! If I extend that search to include homes built since 2005, using the same criteria: waterfront with direct gulf access, there are only 15 currently for sale in Naples! These range in price from the mid-$2 millions up to $14,900,000. Then, even if I recalculate and go back to homes built since 2000, there are still less than 30 homes currently for sale in Naples with direct gulf access. So, if you are looking to buy a brand new construction home on the water, and you don't want to go through the process of building, your choices are limited. The good news is, the homes which are available for immediate occupancy are exquisite.
I invite you to contact us today to get a preview of these lovely residences. Or perhaps you would like to do your own research first. If you click on this highlighted link you will be directed to a landing page on our "Naples Previews" website which allows you to view Luxury homes and condos in Naples Florida in boating communities with prices starting at $1 million and up.
For information, a private showing, or a color brochure with floor plans of any of these homes please call The Harris Peppe Team today. 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger
*This information derived from SunshineMLS and is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fifth Avenue South, The Heart of Old Naples

I work on the prettiest street in the world [click on image to enlarge]. Sitting at my desk, I face out in front of a big picture's amazing to me that i don't spend more time daydreaming...As I look out, I can see the beautiful people passing by...Those who are lucky enough to live here are usually dressed for work, and the snowbirds that recently began arriving again for season can be spotted at the sidewalk cafes...while those that are here for shorter visits are quite noticeably "on vacation". This area of Naples called Old Naples, snugged up against the Gulf of Mexico, was founded in the late 1800's by pioneers with a vision for a place to winter in the sun. The allure remains today, as it is my opinion, few places on earth offer the beauty, ambiance and activity that you can find on Fifth Avenue South. Restaurants, bistros and coffee shoppes...World-class galleries, live theater and unbelievable boutiques. The mile-long avenue is alive with things to do each and everyday. There are holiday themed parades, open air art shows and city festivals. Why, just tonight we are celebrating our Evening On Fifth from event held on the 2nd Thursday of each month that brings out musicians, restaurant specials and sidewalk sales! There are days when I pinch myself, to think that I live, work and play in this magnificent place.
For information about the downtown area or receive a 2012 Downtown Naples Guide, please call The Harris Peppe Team today. 239.370.0574 Not only can we help you buy a home or condo, we can also assist you with accommodations, recommend a fine eatery, and direct you to the historic landmarks.
Fifth Avenue South is referred to as The Heart of Old Naples--come for a visit, and it will be clear to you why.
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Monday, November 7, 2011

Coldwell Banker Lists New Previews Residence

Perfection in Grey Oaks, Naples Florida

This magnificent estate is situated on a 1+ acre cul-de-sac homesite where you can savor the views of the preserve, lakes and greens of The Pine course from every vantage point. The home was designed by renowned architect Stofft & Cooney, and built in 2005 by Borelli Construction. It has 6 spacious bedrooms, 7 full and 2 half baths. Some of its many amenities include a detached guest residence, 4 car garage parking and motorcourt, a wonderful outdoor living area with a summer kitchen & outside haven't seen a more beautiful pool & gardens. Interior features include a gourmet kitchen with every imaginable "must have", a 850+ bottle climate controlled wine cellar, private elevator and state-of-the art home theater. Additional photographs and a virtual tour of the property can be seen by clicking HERE.

This world class estate epitomizes the best of luxury living in prestigious Grey Oaks!

For a personal tour of the home, or to request a brochure and floorplan of the property, please call Chip Harris today: 239.370.0574 ~Price upon request.

Thank you, and make it a great day!

The Naples Real Estate Blogger


Friday, November 4, 2011

Select Vendor of the Week

The Harris Peppe Team of the Coldwell Banker Previews office on Fifth Avenue South in Old Naples is proud to announce this week's select vendor of the week is Carroll & Carroll, Inc. They are an independent fee appraisal firm practicing in both Lee and Collier counties. The principals, Ray and Cindy Carroll, are a brother sister team. Their family were some of the earliest pioneers in Naples, dating back to the late 1800's. They believe "that kind of history brings insights and a sense of community" uncommon in such a fast growing region. Ray and his dad, Ernie, practiced together for 10 years overseeing the apprasial division for a local real estate company before forming Carroll & Carroll in 1984.
We have personally used the services of Carroll & Carroll for over 25 years. They have both a residential and commercial division. As their website states, they are 'Experienced and Reliable'...their integrity is second to none. Their mission says it all. "Carroll & Carroll, Inc translates their unique experience of the history, geography and economy of southwest Florida into appraisals that are trusted and reliable."
If you are considering buying or selling in the Naples area, and would like a consultation with Carroll & Carroll, I am certain they would be very receptive to your questions. You can reach them at info@carrollandcarroll or call or email any member of The Harris Peppe Team today for more information. 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Real Estate is NOT Real"!

Again we are faced with the media presenting erroneous information to consumers based on data that is inaccurate and far too broad-based to carry water. As one of my colleagues so eloquently put it earlier today in remarking about various newspaper and magazine accounts of the current real estate market, "Real Estate is NOT real, it's the perception that is real"!
As stated in CNNMoney this week, according to FISV, a financial analytics company, home values are expected to fall another 3.6% nationwide by next June. Naples Florida was used as an example as a region that will be hardest hit, with an anticipated drop of another 18.9%" In addition FISV states that Naples has already dropped 61%. What they, and others, fail to take into consideration is the vastness of Collier County and the gaping range in housing values from one zip code to the next. The areas around Naples which have experienced the greatest setbacks are now some of the most resilient. As an example, Golden Gate Estates, a rural community of Collier County with a Naples mailing address, has seen values decrease as much as 75%! As short a time as only 3 years ago that community had approximately a 7.2 year's supply of inventory! Presently there is less than a 6 month supply, and enough demand to absorb any shadow inventory that might come up on the market in the foreseeable future. Across the board we are seeing signs of stabilization. The trend lines in almost every Naples neighborhood are up!
The Naples Luxury Real Estate market has shown strong signs of recovery. Cindy Carroll with Carroll & Carroll, Inc. a Florida State Residential Real Estate Appraiser, was guest speaker at The Coldwell Banker business meeting last week. According to her market statistics: Old Naples single family homes currently have a balanced supply with 64 Active listings, 7 pending and 62 sold in the past 12 months. The Moorings/Park Shore/Coquina Sands single family homes currently has a shortage of inventory: 104 Actives, 16 pending and 115 closed in the past 12 months. Port Royal and Aqualane Shores both have approximately a 1 1/2 year supply of inventory. Royal Harbor, which had a 9.6 year's supply in April of 2007 now has about a 1.5 year about a 'come back'!
Despite the challenges that we, and everyone else in the real estate industry are facing today, The Harris-Peppe Team remains bullish on the housing outlook in Naples. Just a few factors that we believe back up that opinion are: 1.) It just snowed as far south as Virginia last week and 1.6 million people are still without power....people want to spend winters in paradise! 2.) 78 million baby boomers will begin retiring within the next 10 years and many of them will be looking for housing, either to buy or rent, in warmer climates, and #3.) Our interest rates remain at record lows, making housing more affordable than ever for the 35% of the buyers in Naples that finance!
The media may try to do their best to scare away the investors, snowbirds and our international friends, but these factors will come into play more times than not. We all just need to continue to get the word out there that Naples is a safe and beautiful place to live, with well priced listings and a limited inventory.
If you would like information about a particular neighborhood or zip code in Naples, please do not hesitate to call The Harris Peppe Team. 239.370.0574
We welcome your comments. Please make it a great day!
Thank you,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Friday, October 28, 2011

Select Vendor of the Week

Maxine's, Inc.
Maxine's Alterations & Tailoring was established in 1991. Two sisters operate this family business at 1033 5th Avenue North. I have used their services many times over the years and I cannot compliment their service and results enough! The very first time I went into this modest store was nearly 20 years ago...I had a favorite jacket with two front pockets that had ripped at the seam of one of the pockets when it got caught on a chair. I wasn't sure if they would be able to repair it well enough to go undetected. Well, they removed BOTH pockets and simply moved them up an inch on either side and 'voila', problem fixed! The rip was mended and ended up 'inside' the damaged pocket! I was hooked! I have referred countless friends and customers to Maxine's over the years. They do not advertise, and I don't believe they have a website. They depend on word of mouth to obtain new customers! is proud to select Maxine's Inc as our Vendor of the Week! Please call them direct at 239.263.2884 for any custom tailoring or alterations!
Thank you and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Building Bridges

I don't use this platform for political commentary very often...but I just need to vent a little. It may actually not be a "political" statement at all, but rather a perspective on the nature of things as I see them right now. I've had people that I know, love and respect becoming very angry lately with what is happening in the world. I see them react in a most unfamiliar way and I hear them make judgements and say things that I never thought I'd hear them say...This is true of people on both sides of the political spectrum. Good, kind, loving souls who profess to not judge are spouting out irrational comments about everyone they don't see eye to eye with. I understand why people are angry, but I just don't see it as a solution. I personally don't think we can get from where we are today to where we want to be by continuing to be mad and angry. All these protesters would be creating a much better world if they weren't out there stirring up so much negativity, but rather went to volunteer at a soup kitchen or read to a lonely old person in a nursing home. The right blames the left and the left blames the right....Poor people blame rich people and rich people blame poor people. TV commentators on both sides are spewing hate-filled words.
There's a sign on the door leading into our office at work which reads, "Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this place." It's an Oprah quote, and I love it. It really gets your head on straight when you get to work and you are immediately cognisant of taking responsibility for your attitude. I believe that what people practice on a small scale ripples out into their community, and ultimately creates the world as they perceive it. We need to be kinder to one another. We need to be more respectful of our differences. We need to take a greater responsibility for our own lives and quit blaming other people when things aren't going our way. We need to stop expecting the government to bail us out. When a neighbor is truly in need we will be there for them. Why? Because we humans are innately good, that's why! Let's turn off the news in the morning and at night, whether it's CNN or Fox, and let's begin and end our day doing a good deed, calling a loved one, volunteering, hugging a child, adding beauty to the world...Let's stop before we judge a republican or a democrat and try to find what we have in common rather than what sets us apart.
Today I choose to build bridges. Will you join me?
Thank you for your time,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Naples Real Estate 3rd Quarter Stats

Nothing indicates what is happening in the real estate market more accurately than listings going under contract. The graph below depicts pendings of Naples residential listings over the past 4 years, per the local multiple listing service: SunshineMLS. This is a clear illustration [click on graph to enlarge] of the peaks and valleys in our local market. Obviously, our pendings go up during "season"-- that just makes sense. But, what I am hoping to show here is the "trend line"...regardless of what is happening in markets across the country, we are definitely seeing an increase in sales in Naples Florida.
Here are a few more *statistics that I think you will find interesting:
1.) January 1st, 2011- September 30th, 2011: Total Closed Sales = 6,598.
This averages 733 closings per month.
We are on track for an 11% increase in sales this year over last year.
2.) January 1st, 2010-December 31st, 2010: Total Closed Sales = 7,837.
This averages 653 listings sold per month.
2011 Year-to-date, of the 6,598 closed residential sales:
  • 3,000 were single family homes
  • 1,800 single family homes were listed under $300,000.
  • 586 of the 3,000 were 'short sales'., of which 78% were listings under $300,000.
  • Of the 3,000 single family home closed sales year-to-date, only 17 were short sales listed at or above $1 million
  • 709 of the 3,000 were foreclosed homes, of which 89% were listed under $300,000.
  • 3,495 were condos/villas
  • 2,505 condos/villas were listed under $300,000.
  • 506 of the 3,495 were short sales, of which 94% were listed under $300,000.
  • 552 of the 3,495 were foreclosed condos/villas, of which 96% were listed under $300,000.
  • There was a total of 237 closed condos/villas year-to-date listed at or above $1 million. Only 1 of the 237 closings was a short sale.
  • There haven't been any condos/villas closed year-to-date, listed at or above $1 million that were categorized as foreclosed properties.

A few more stats: Current inventory in Naples, residential listings, is down 18.5% over this same time period last year. With pendings up 11% and inventory down to approximately a 9 month supply, I believe we are beginning to see a seller's market again in some choice neighborhoods. The absorption rate varies from community to community, and I would be happy to do a more specific analysis for you. The lower priced listings are still driving the market, but there is no question we are seeing a dramatic rebound in the Naples luxury market. Also, the lack of inventory in new and newer homes due to the slow down in construction has created opportunities for sellers in neighborhoods built since 2000. We are even seeing multiple offers in some cases when homes and condos are priced fairly. There are also some fabulous values to be found in the "tear down" market in the neighborhoods along the beach and waterfront. Royal Harbor as an example, which had approximately a 9 1/2 year absorption rate just a few short years ago, now has less than a one year supply. Old Naples presently has 63 Active single family homes listed, whereas there have been 55 closings year to date...another example of less than a year's supply of inventory.

For additional details about The Naples Real Estate market, please call a member of The Harris Peppe Team today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to earn your business. 239.370.0574

Thank you and make it a great day,

The Naples Real Estate Blogger

*The source of this information is compiled from data obtained from SunshineMLS. The accuracy is not warranted or guaranteed and should be independently verified if one intends to engage in a transaction based upon it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stunning Views of Moorings Bay

This truly is a remarkable opportunity to own a 3 bedroom, 3 bath condominium on Naples prestigious Gulf Shore Blvd. This home boasts a rare and magnificent 1400 square foot open air terrace overlooking Moorings Bay!The total area of this Naples condo is 3,479 square feet.
The private patio has access from all three bedrooms and the living room, making it a very livable floor plan which allows for wonderful entertaining possibilities~cocktail & dinner parties of more than 60 guests have enjoyed this fabulous space. All three en-suite bedrooms have large walk-in closets with built-ins. Beach access is across the street, and there are boat docks available at The Lucerne for owners to rent.
All condos are not related equal. Please come see why we think this is one of the best kept secrets in all of Naples! The Harris-Peppe Team at Coldwell Banker Previews International on Naples 5th Avenue South is ready to earn your business! 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ready or Not, Here "I" Come!

I can't believe we are more than half-way through September. Where has this year gone? And, it's not just me...everyone I talk to is saying the same thing. Honestly, today's newspaper fliers were filled with ads for Halloween decorations and winter clothes! You know what that means, don't you? We need to start asking ourselves, "Where are we having this year's office Holiday Party?" That, among the many other questions that we haven't had to ask ourselves in awhile...think about it...what questions do you have running around in your head?
We have already begun to see the arrival of the car transporters...much earlier than usual I might add. Who can blame them, check out the map to see today's highs in all of our feeder markets...yupper, there's already frost on the pumpkins in many areas! Typically we don't see the 18 wheelers with their cargo of automobiles rolling into town until mid-October. These cars, with their Michigan, Indiana and Jersey plates [to name a few] will soon be crowding our roadways, making illegal u-turns, honking their horns and running red lights. Now, don't get me wrong...I love our loyal snowbirds-- With the crowds come mostly good things. This is when we prosper. This is when all the service industries in Southwest Florida thrive. We look forward to the return of the snowbirds [just not their driving habits]. It is a good thing that they come back to this beautiful place someone named Naples long ago...It is a good thing that it gets so darn cold up there so that we can sell some of them pretty houses and condos in paradise!
So, ready or not, here comes "season"! Please be extra careful on the roads everyone...and please let us know if we can help you or someone you know find a winter home or condo in Naples!
Thanks, and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Friday, September 16, 2011

Congratulations Sam!

The Harris-Peppe Team is proud to announce that our A#1 marketing coordinator and team assistant, Sam Wells, has passed the Florida State Real Estate Exam! Sam has worked for us for nearly 8 years. Those of you who know her personally, or who have had the pleasure of working with Sam, know what an asset she is to our team. We are thrilled to make this announcement, and we hope you will join us in wishing Sam continued success in her career! It is our ultimate goal to provide our buyers and sellers the utmost in customer satisfaction. Our belief is that having a licensed personal assistant will enhance our services and create better communication with our customers.

As always, thanks for reading our blog, and make it a GREAT day!

The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9.11

Please join us in keeping every soul affected by the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 in our hearts.
...We will always remember.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking a Break

I've been away. It's a funny thing...everyone who knows me, or should I say everyone who 'thinks' they know me, can't believe I didn't go through technology withdrawals during the past 6 days. I didn't. Usually, whenever I go out of town, whether it is off on our boat or up to our cabin, I bring along my trusty laptop and dependable aircard. Usually I stay connected. I manage my website and social marketing. I email. I blog. I facebook. Not this time. This time I spent a wonderful, long holiday weekend away from the office and away from the Internet. I did not go through any symptoms of withdrawal. I disconnected and stayed disconnected. I turned my phone on one time, on Saturday, to call my mom and Chip. Neither of them answered. That's ok. I left them both a message, and told them not to worry about calling back...I was turning my phone off again. [I did however use my phone a couple of times to check in on Foursquare] Once, I thought about going online at an Internet cafe', but the thought soon left me. I was so happy not to be so easily connected. Lucky for me, I had two amazing people covering for me in my absence. Chip & Sam. That definitely made taking a break easier. We should all take those breaks. Regularly. I'm back to work today. The phone hasn't stopped ringing. I've answered a dozen Naples Real Estate inquiries. I touched base on Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. I've read through and answered a lot of emails...and now, now I'm writing a short blog post. I thought I'd post about taking a break from technology. It's important to disconnect so that you can reconnect with those things in life that really matter.
Make it a great Day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Coldwell Banker

Happy 105th Birthday Coldwell Banker!
Coldwell Banker has made the dream of home ownership a reality for millions of families since first opening their doors for business in San Fransisco in 1906. We may be 105 years old, but we sure don't act it! We continually lead the charge with innovative technology, state of the art transaction management systems, and global marketing initiatives. Help me in wishing Coldwell Banker a happy birthday from Naples Florida!
Thank you, and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Naples Real Estate Updates

A Diminishing Inventory in Naples Florida Real Estate
The Naples Daily News article from the weekend paper touted the continuing market stability of our local real estate values. According to The Naples Area Board of Realtors, key indicators such as 'pending sales, current inventory and the median closed price' show signs of real estate stability during these otherwise challenging economic times. Their report further states pending sales were up 2% in July 2011 when compared to July 2010. Another contributing factor is the decrease in non-traditional sales such as short sales and foreclosures. In one of my recent posts about waterfront homes in Naples I calculated that there were 214 homes for sale in the Naples MLS with direct or indirect gulf access. Of those only 12 were short sales and there weren't any foreclosures reported. According to NABOR, 'inventory continues to drop at a rate of 19%. Across the board we currently have less than a 9 month supply of inventory'. This is the lowest seen since NABOR began tracking absorption rates in April 2007. Since April 2007 inventory in Naples has declined over 5,000 residential units. Thanks mostly to smart money investors who are taking advantage of the great values!
Here is a synopsis of one aspect of our market which I believe will help illustrate the current trends in a very popular price range here in Naples, as an example:
Currently Active Single Family Homes priced below $500,000=1,300
When you add to that general search criteria more specific search parameters such as: Year Built 2000 or newer, homes with a private pool, located in a gated community, that number goes from 1,300 Active listings down to only 158 Homes for Sale in all of the NA zones in Naples. Now, take into consideration all homes that meet the very same specifications that have closed in the past 12 months: and there have been 298 closings. That equates to approximately 24.8 closings per month. Based on those closed sales and today's current inventory, we are left with only a 6.37 month absorption rate in that priuce range and specifications! Typically a 12 month absorption rate is considered a 'healthy market, therefore it is this writers' belief that we are experiencing a stabilizing real estate market in Naples Florida.
For additional information about homes for sale in all price ranges, please contact a member of The Harris Peppe Team today! 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a GREAT day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger
data derived from the Naples area MLS is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Naples Florida Welcomes Students and Teachers back to School!

Welcome Back!
Today marks the first day back to school for students here in Collier County. To assist those families considering a move to our area we have created a page on our website which lists all Public and Private Schools in Naples, as well as links to each school's website. We also offer links to zoning maps and the 2011-2012 school calendar. We have also provided information about colleges and universities in Southwest Florida and a link to the Florida Department of Education site. Here is another link which is the most recent Collier County School Grades obtained from the state, dated June 2011.
As a 30 year Collier County School volunteer myself, I can tell you firsthand that our schools are filled with hardworking & dedicated teachers, excellent administrators, and the most beautiful children in the world...They are our future, and we are in good hands.
Please contact me if you would like additional information about volunteer opportunities, or to find homes for sale in Naples Florida, please call The Harris Peppe Team today. 239.370.0574.
Thank you and make it a great day, and please remember to slow down in the school zones!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Language of Luxury

Chip and I took two new listings this week. In each case we were up against our 2 main competitors in the Naples Luxury Real Estate market. In both instances, the sellers selected The Harris Peppe Team because of Coldwell Banker's global reach, our technology and Internet presence, and the networking capabilities of Cartus Corporation, which manages the relocations of more than 140,000 customers annually.
Why do International Homebuyers choose Florida? *31% of all international homebuyers who purchased in the United States in the past 12 month chose Florida as their top destination. The reasons given are: Ease of ownership, Value, Location, and Lifestyle. In Florida, Coldwell Banker has 4,600 sales associates which are highly trained to help buyers find Florida properties that match a purchaser's investment, rental and vacation needs. Collectively, our associates are in 83 offices statewide, they speak 100 foreign languages and they connect with nearly 100,000 Coldwell Banker agents worldwide.
Our Internet presence is unmatched in the industry today. In addition to the 350 websites on which we feature our listings, we also have access to a 'rapid response' device known as Leadrouter, we are the most 'followed' real estate company on Twitter, and we've received over 25,000 visitors from 99 countries on our blog! We have partnered with, Trulia, Zillow and Yahoo Real Estate, the four leading real estate search websites. To top it all off, sellers who list with us get their home showcased on Naples Real, our very own website, on which you can search all active listings in The Naples multiple listing system!
If you or someone you know is thinking about selling a home in Naples Florida, you owe it to yourself to interview Chip Harris & Michele Peppe. The Language of Luxury sums it up best, "To the extent that incumbent market leaders rest on their laurels, do not stay focused or do not keep up with technology, market leadership is up for grabs for any real estate marketing professional with a superior proposition and the right brand strategy." We are dedicated to providing old fashioned service combined with state of the art technology. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope to earn your future business.
Thank you and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger
*according to the National Association of Realtors-2011 profile of international buying activity.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Naples Real Estate On the Waterfront

What's is happening on the Naples Waterfront?
According to the Naples Area MLS there are 214 single family homes currently for sale that fall into the category of "gulf access". Of those, 119 have 'direct' access; which means there are no bridges from their dock to the gulf.
Of those 214 Active homes for sale, 35 are listed under $500,000. 16 of the 35 are 'direct' access homes, with most of those located in Goodland, Isles of Capri, Little Hickory Shores, and Gulf Shores off of Bayshore Drive. One of the best buys in this price range is a renovated 3 BR/ 2 BA on a large corner lot which will accommodate a small flats boat, wave runner or kayak. It is listed for only $129,900. and is located in The Bayshore Gateway Redevelopment District. It's a super value! Click here to view one of Naples Best Waterfront Values.
There are another 35 Active listings priced from $500,000 to $999,999. Twenty-two of them have 'direct' access including a 2 BR/ 2BA in Golden Shores listed at $599,900. Another 'Best Buy' is a 1960's vintage 3 BR/ 2BA without a pool on Tarpon Road in Royal Harbor listed at $649,500. This is a neighborhood where it would have been difficult to find a home listed under $1 million when the market peaked.
Once you get into the $1 - $2 million price range the inventory is down to only 18 Active homes for sale. These listings are scattered around Naples in the Royal Harbor area as well as Connors Vanderbilt and Aqualane Shores. There are only 8 homes for sale priced under $2 million built 2000 or newer! I think the very best buys are 2031 Tarpon Road and 1360 Pelican Avenue. [click on the addresses for additional info and to view the virtual tours].
Expand your search above $ 2 million and you will find 30 single family homes listed that were built 2000 or newer, on the water in Naples MLS. Most of these are in Aqualane Shores or Port Royal. The highest priced newer home currently listed is located on Galleon Drive. It has approximately 9500 sq ft of Living Area, built in 2006, and the asking price is $14.9 million. There are 48 homes for sale in Port Royal.
There have been 127 single family gulf access homes closed year-to-date in the Naples MLS. That gives us just a 15 month absorption rate. 54 of the closed sales have been listed under $1 million-with only 69 Active single family homes presently listed under $1 million that calculates to less than a 1 year absorption rate in that price point. Those waterfront homes that are priced well will sell! Timing is everything, and it seems like the market is finally meeting the sellers expectations and the price that the buyers are will to pay. An interesting side note: of the 214 Active listings, only 12 are short sales, and there aren't any foreclosures!
If you would like additional information about Homes for Sale in Naples Florida, please contact a member of The Harris Peppe Team today. 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger
*all data and info derived from the Naples multiple listing system and is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Opportunity Time"

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
Right now, as I write this post, I am on 'floor duty', otherwise known as opportunity time. A lot of the more seasoned agents don't do floor time anymore...Me? I still like floor duty. In addition to watching all the comings & goings at the front desk...which by the way today it's a very active reception also gives me an opportunity to greet the passer-bys that take the time to step up to our picture windows to look at the brochures that are posted out front and grab a few magazines that are in racks by our entrance. Most people don't really want to be approached...they are just window shopping, and dreaming, and not ready to buy...But, offering them a cold bottle of water, a free map, and my 30 years of experience, many times I can get them inside to sit and chat about one of my loves: Naples!
Yesterday one of my co-workers closed a sale that was a result of a floor call. She got a call from a buyer that was staying at The Ritz, who specifically phoned Coldwell Banker because our brand was familiar to them...This particular agent is one of the hardest working agents in our office. She deserves good things to happen to her...She was filling in for a seasoned agent who did not show up for floor duty and who has since left our company in search of greener pastures! Ironically, the price tag of the home that this 'floor call' purchased exceeded $8 million dollars--One of the highest recorded sales in Naples this year! Now, this is what I call 'opportunity time'! Congratulations to my esteemed colleague, and to Coldwell Banker! The strength of our brand is evident everyday, our location on 5th Avenue south is the best in town, and success is available each day for those who know they create their own luck when preparation meets opportunity time!
So, here I am waiting for that call from The Ritz--I'm feeling pretty lucky today, too! Hope to hear from you soon! 239.370.0574
Thanks, and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Select Vendor of the Week

"If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share."
~W.Clement Stone
As many of you already know, Naples is a very service oriented community. From lawn care to pool services, professional shoppers, home watch name it. An exclusive area like Naples simply lends itself to creating entrepreneurial opportunities for those willing to take care of the needs of others, and do a good job! Each week we are trying to share with you some of the good experiences we have had over the years with service providers in our area. This week are are very pleased to announce that Premier Polishing is our Naples Select Vendor of the week!
Premier Polishing is a small, family operated company that caters to a clientele that demands perfection. Chip and I highly recommend them. They have taken care of the detailing of our boats and cars for many years. Owner, Nathan Moran is a true professional...a great young man that always delivers the utmost in customer satisfaction. He uses a combination of products that creates a high gloss finish that protects and lasts longer in the hot Florida sun than anything else in the industry today. He is also a master at restoring faded finishes. Whether it is an automobile, boat or yacht, RV or aircraft, Nathan is the one to call to keep your vehicles looking as exquisite as they should! Just today his crew came right to our office and detailed both mine and Chip's convenient! And, we won't have to have them waxed again for a year! His prices are competitive, but I think you'll agree-once you hire Nathan and his team, you will make his service part of your annual maintenance. Call Nathan today at 239.404.5174.
For a complete list of The Naples Real Estate select vendors, please call us...we'd be happy to share! 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coldwell Banker Previews International

  • The Coldwell Banker Previews International program has been a world leader in the marketing of luxury homes since 1933. Previews was acquired by Coldwell Banker Real Estate in 1980. This exclusive program is the only program of its caliber in the world. Previews does not sell art, Previews does not sell antiques, Previews does not sell wine...Previews sells luxury real estate around the globe. The elite group of certified Coldwell Banker Previews Property Specialists make up about 8% of the Coldwell Banker agents worldwide. In 2010, these agents participated in nearly 14,000 transaction sides of homes priced at or above $1 million! The average price for luxury home transactions listed and/or sold by the Coldwell Banker Previews International program in 2010 was $1.85 million. On average, Previews handles $68.9 million in luxury home sales every day*!
  • Ultimate Homes Magazine: "In 2010, Coldwell Banker was the only brand to sell one of the top 10 most expensive homes in The United States, 'Le Belvedre'...listed at $85 million. Previews has a track record of being selected to represent some of the world's most exquisite properties, including 3 out of 5 of the priciest homes in the U.S."
  • "3 of the top 10 homes that sold for $12 million or more in 2010 were listed by Coldwell Banker Previews International**".
  • The most expensive celebrity real estate in the US, 'The Manor', was listed by Coldwell Banker Previews International at $150 million***!
  • Wall Street Journal: In a recent survey of Wall Street Journal subscribers, Coldwell Banker Real Estate ranked #1 among all measured real estate companies they would consider using for future real estate transactions****!
If you or someone you know is considering a luxury home purchase in Naples Florida, or if you are thinking of selling a luxury home, don't you owe it to yourself to interview the leading luxury real estate brand in the world? Please call a member of The Harris-Peppe Team today for a no obligation consultation. 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day! The Naples Real Estate Blogger
*data based on closed and recorded transaction sides of homes sold for $1 million or more as reported by the U.S. Coldwell banker franchise system for calendar 2010.
**Ultimate Homes Lists of Most Expensive Homes in the U.S. 2010 *** December 20, 2010 **** January 14th, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Select Vendor of the Week

We are very proud to feature the Professional itMan, LLC as this week's select vendor! Some of the many services that the ProitMan provides includes: Complete Homewatch Services, Storm shutter installation, Arrival & departure services, Airport pick-up, Furniture set up, Furniture assembly & repairs, Picture hanging & artwork placement, Delivery services, and Complete cleaning services. Born and raised in Naples, owner Rocco Comperatore III prides himself in customer service. His hometown roots afford him the rare ability to have a personal relationship with other service providers in the area, many of whom he has known and done business with for years. These select vendors all share a common goal: to offer his clients the very best in customer care. When Rocco says, "If you need it done, I'll get it done" he has a proven team of professionals at his disposal to make certain any job, big or small, gets the same consideration and superior results! He WILL get it done!
In addition to his credentials and philosophy, I'd also like to add that Rocco is a really nice person, and I always say, 'why not do business with a nice person!?" One of the recent homeowners that we referred him to told us they had never met a harder worker or nicer guy than Rocco. If you are looking for someone who isn't afraid to tackle any job, please call Rocco today. Even his voicemail message states that Whatever it is that you need done, he's the man to get it done! Naples will always be his home. His reputation speaks for itself. References are available upon request.
Professional it Man, LLC
Rocco Comperatore III
Naples, FL
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rather Than Sitting On The Fence...

...Why not own it?
  • Homes are more affordable-According to the Freddie Mac House Price Index, current housing prices are down 27% on average across the nation from their peak values 5 years ago.

  • Rates are Low- At an average of 4.6%, a 30 year fixed mortgage interest rate remains at record lows!
  • Timing is Everything-New loan limits, as published by FHFA and HUD, state conforming loan limits will be reduced on October 1st, 2011, which will decrease the availability and affordability of mortgage credit for many home buyers in 42 states.
  • Homeownership is Still the American Dream-Nearly nine in 10 Americans say that owning a home is an important part of the American Dream!
  • Financing IS Available-Please call our Naples mortgage expert, Kelly Rebimbas, today at 239.273.5239. Let Kelly tell you how you can qualify to own a home in paradise!

Now really is the time to make your move. Please allow one of the agents at The Harris Peppe Team at the Coldwell Banker Previews office on Fifth Avenue South in downtown Naples Florida show you the great selection of Naples homes and condos currently for sale here on The Paradise Coast! They hope to hear from you soon, and they look forward to earning your business! 239.370.0574

Thank you, and make it a great day,

The Naples Real Estate Blogger

*Information as published in an ad in the USAToday newspaper on July 13, 2011 by Realogy Corporation.

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Reflection of Supply and Demand

The Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate offices in Naples and Bonita Springs Florida recently had the honor of having Cindy Carroll as a guest speaker at their joint monthly business meeting. Cindy is a State-Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser who I happen to go back with to the days when we were both picking up our kids at the same day care. In other words, she's been around the block a time or two, and her knowledge of the market is unsurpassed. Cindy shared with us some market statistics, some of which I found to be absolutely stunning. As a point of clarification, the dates noted, being referred to as the "date of survey" indicate closed sales in the 12 months prior to the survey date.
Here are a few examples of a reflection of supply and demand in the Naples Residential Real Estate from Carroll and Carroll:
  • Aqualane Shores: Peaked at years supply in April 2007 with 3.63 years. Had only 7 closed sales the 12 months prior to July 2009, and presently has 43 active listings, 21 closed sales from May 2010-May 2011, and a current absorption rate of 2.05 years.
  • Olde Naples/Single Family Homes: Peaked at 3.2 years supply in December 2008, presently has 77 active listings, down from the peak of 116 in April 2007. Today's absorption rate is just under 1 year.
  • Olde Naples/Condominiums: Inventory peaked in April 2007 with a 4.6 years supply. As a comparison, There were 74 active listings in February 2005 and 172 closed sales in the 12 months prior to that date. Currently there is a 1.48 year supply.
  • Port Royal: As far back as the survey was taken Port Royal has maintained approximately a 2 year supply. Absorption rate was 2.7 in June 2003, it was 2.35 in October 2008, 2.21 in April 2010, and currently with 61 active listings the years supply is 1.49 with 41 closed sales in the past 12 months.
  • Royal Harbor: One of the most astonishing statistics comes to us from the Royal Harbor area. In April 2007 the years supply was 9.6 years! With 48 active listings at that time and only 5 closed sales in the 12 months prior to that date. Closed sales in Royal Harbor peaked in 2004 with 44 closings. Currently there are 38 actives, 27 closed sales in the past 12 months, and a 1.41 years supply-An amazing recovery!
  • Moorings, Park Shore & Coquina Sands/Single Family Homes: The years supply in this area peaked in April 2007 at 3.7 and currently has one of the healthiest absorption rates at 1.07 years supply, 115 active listings, 34 pending, and 107 closed in the past 12 months!
  • Moorings, Park Shore & Coquina Sands/Condominiums: Similar to the single family homes west of 41, the condos currently have a 1.29 years supply, and peaked in April 2007 with approximately a 2 1/2 year supply.
  • NA 15: This is the area between 41 and Goodlette Road. Single family homes available was at a shortage in November 2010! Currently there is a .56 year supply, with only 39 active listings and 70 closed sales in the past 12 months. Three years ago this zone peaked at 3.5 years supply.
  • Several other areas have seen shortages and a balances between supply and demand, they are: Golden Gate City currently at .28 years supply, Lakewood at .57 years supply, Naples Manor at .20 year supply, and Golden Gate Estates which had a shortage of inventory in November 2010.

Cindy shared several other communities with us, and I have information about Pelican Landing, Pelican Bay, Bonita Bay, The Vineyards, Quail Creek & Quail West, Pine Ridge and the Vanderbilt Beach areas. If you would like details about a neighborhood not mentioned in this blog post, please call The Harris Peppe Team today. 239.370.0574 We would be happy to do a no-obligation evaluation of either an area where you are thinking of investing or a home that you presently own.

Thank you, and make it a GREAT day!

The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free eBooks

One of the most popular pages on our website has become the "FREE eBooks" page on We invite you to log on today and find the page listed in the menu bar on the left side of our homepage. Simply click on this link and you can download one, or all, of the four FREE eBooks listed below.
  • How to Create the Perfect Retirement: Today more than ever, you are faced with a multitude of questions about your retirement years. This eBook offers great tips on planning, including 'What it takes to be ready for retirement, whether you have enough money to retire, what to do when you do retire, and fantastic retirement travel ideas.'
  • A Guide to Establishing Florida Residency: Florida has attracted more retirees than any other state since the 1960s. This eBook covers a lot of what you need to know when deciding to make Florida your new home such as the difference between residency vs domicile, Florida taxes, motor vehicle information, voter registration and college residency requirements.
  • The Florida Beach Book: If you love exploring Florida's beaches, then this is the book for you! It covers 350 beaches across the state, as well as maps, county overviews, pet policies, dog parks and handicap accessibility.
  • How to Buy a Second Home in Florida: If you are interested in learning what you need to know about buying a second home in Florida, or a vacation property, then this eBook will be a great resource. Here you will discover what type of Florida home you should buy: condo vs single family home, the benefits of working with a real estate agent, the purchase and closing process in Florida, and tips on how to be an absentee landlord.

Please send us any suggestions on what other types of eBooks you would like us to feature on our Naples Real Estate website. ~And remeber, whether you are a first time homebuyer, or a prospect looking for a luxury home in Southwest Florida, The Harris Peppe Team is ready to assist you with all you housing needs! We look forward to hearing from you soon, and we hope to earn your future real estate business! 239.370.0574

Thank you and make it a GREAT day,

The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Do You Say, "Lanai?"

Many times, while getting to know a buyer's wants, especially when they are relocating to Florida from a northern home, the square footage needs differ greatly from what they originally specify to what they ultimately buy...People forget, or don't realize, what an intricate part of their home's living space the lanai [also known as a screened porch] becomes. Downsizing from a 4 or 5 thousand square foot home into less square footage may seem daunting to some, until they get here and begin to recognize the lifestyle that outdoor living provides throughout most of the year. Here in Naples people decorate their outside living areas with outdoor wicker & teak and other moisture resistant materials and create wonderful entertainment areas with 'summer' kitchens and bars, dining areas, TVs with comfortable seating arrangements as well as open air patio areas that incorporate the landscaping and lighting. Most rooms in a home open up to the outside and even in private yards, those without views, an outside environment can be created to incorporate the inside out and the outside in. Chip and I have coffee on our lanai almost every morning...we love to sit outside at the end of a long day and enjoy our evening meal together...we cook outside, watch TV outside...much of our home life revolves around our backyard.
So, the next time your real estate agent tells you that you cannot get a 3,000 square foot home in your price range, don't consider it "settling" for less--consider it opening up the possibilities to the true Naples lifestyle of outdoor living--Sometimes less really is more!
Please let us know if we can help you find a pretty lanai in Naples Florida where you can have your coffee each morning! 239.370.0574
Make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun Summer Activities in Naples Florida

Well, here it is again already...the first day of summer, and I am about to write what has become my most popular annual blog post: Cool things to do in Naples Florida during your Summer vacation! But, whether you are here on vacation or not, the locals also love this time of year--less crowds, great sales, amazing restaurant specials...May I suggest a few activities that will surely make the long summer days and nights a bit 'cooler'!
How about summer golf? For 17 years, the South Florida PGA Golf Pass program has been providing golfers the opportunity to play on hundreds of local courses at discounted rates....only $48 per individual! Look for GOLFPASS on the menu bar on their home page.
Do you want to be entertained? The Naples Beach Hotel's 26th Annual Summer Jazz on The Gulf concert series kicks off on Saturday June 25th from 7-10PM on the resort's scenic Watkins Lawn (see photo inset) with a local favorite group, Pocket Change. Circle the dates for the other concerts on July 16th, August 20th and September 17th. Also, don't forget the Evenings On Fifth as they continue all summer on the 2nd Thursday of every month. There you will find a wide variety of musical entertainment, side walk sales and excellent restaurant promotions. Or, click on this link to see what is happening at The Phil.
If Art & Culture is your thing, how about a day wandering through the 15 exhibit halls at The Jay and Patty Baker Naples Museum of Art, or perhaps the beautiful von Liebig Center downtown? Peruse the galleries on Fifth Avenue, or gallery Row off Third. Another hidden treasure are the working studios and galleries of The North Naples Arts Alliance in the Pine Ridge Industrial personal favorites are The Rosen Gallery and Studio, and The Sweet Art Gallery.
Maybe getting closer to nature is what you are hoping to do...Did you know that Naples residents can go to the Naples Zoo for free on the first Saturday of every month? If you haven't been there lately, the bear exhibit is wonderful, as are the giraffes--but I absolutely love Monkey Islands (probably as much as my grandkids)! A favorite way to spend a morning this time of year is wandering the trails and boardwalks at The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. Maintained by The Audubon Society, it is alive with color during the summer might just get lucky enough to view the rare and breathtaking ghost orchids. Why not rent a jet ski or a boat for the day? The backwaters in Naples lead directly to The Ten Thousand Islands and some of the most pristine beaches and mangrove islands in the world. It's the Summer of Sharks at Rookery Bay. Kids 12 and younger get in free on Fridays when accompanied by an adult, for stories, crafts, live animals and much more. Call ahead for more details: 239.417.6310.
Don't miss the Fourth of July Parade from 10:00 a.m. to noon. The parade begins at Broad Avenue South to Third Street then marches down Fifth Avenue South. Get a good spot early...there's always a nice crowd in front of The Coldwell Banker Previews office at 550! Later that same day, the downtown fireworks is a show not to be missed. This tradition begins at 9 p.m. when a remarkable pyrotechnics display appears off the Naples Pier...set to patriotic music, it is one of the best shows I've ever seen...and what better setting than watching it from the beach as the rockets soar over the gulf waters! Call 213.7120 if you are interested in parking and shuttle info.
Last but not least, summer is a great time to buy Naples Real Estate...In fact, I think that might be the coolest idea of all! Please call The Harris Peppe Team today to get a list of some of the areas very best buys and excellent values. We would be happy to prepare a list specific to your needs and wants. We've been selling the Naples lifestyle since 1981 and we would consider it a privilege to assist you or someone you now with a Summer Sale in Naples.
Thank you and have a great summer! The Naples Real Estate Blogger