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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stunning Views of Moorings Bay

This truly is a remarkable opportunity to own a 3 bedroom, 3 bath condominium on Naples prestigious Gulf Shore Blvd. This home boasts a rare and magnificent 1400 square foot open air terrace overlooking Moorings Bay!The total area of this Naples condo is 3,479 square feet.
The private patio has access from all three bedrooms and the living room, making it a very livable floor plan which allows for wonderful entertaining possibilities~cocktail & dinner parties of more than 60 guests have enjoyed this fabulous space. All three en-suite bedrooms have large walk-in closets with built-ins. Beach access is across the street, and there are boat docks available at The Lucerne for owners to rent.
All condos are not related equal. Please come see why we think this is one of the best kept secrets in all of Naples! The Harris-Peppe Team at Coldwell Banker Previews International on Naples 5th Avenue South is ready to earn your business! 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ready or Not, Here "I" Come!

I can't believe we are more than half-way through September. Where has this year gone? And, it's not just me...everyone I talk to is saying the same thing. Honestly, today's newspaper fliers were filled with ads for Halloween decorations and winter clothes! You know what that means, don't you? We need to start asking ourselves, "Where are we having this year's office Holiday Party?" That, among the many other questions that we haven't had to ask ourselves in awhile...think about it...what questions do you have running around in your head?
We have already begun to see the arrival of the car transporters...much earlier than usual I might add. Who can blame them, check out the map to see today's highs in all of our feeder markets...yupper, there's already frost on the pumpkins in many areas! Typically we don't see the 18 wheelers with their cargo of automobiles rolling into town until mid-October. These cars, with their Michigan, Indiana and Jersey plates [to name a few] will soon be crowding our roadways, making illegal u-turns, honking their horns and running red lights. Now, don't get me wrong...I love our loyal snowbirds-- With the crowds come mostly good things. This is when we prosper. This is when all the service industries in Southwest Florida thrive. We look forward to the return of the snowbirds [just not their driving habits]. It is a good thing that they come back to this beautiful place someone named Naples long ago...It is a good thing that it gets so darn cold up there so that we can sell some of them pretty houses and condos in paradise!
So, ready or not, here comes "season"! Please be extra careful on the roads everyone...and please let us know if we can help you or someone you know find a winter home or condo in Naples!
Thanks, and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Friday, September 16, 2011

Congratulations Sam!

The Harris-Peppe Team is proud to announce that our A#1 marketing coordinator and team assistant, Sam Wells, has passed the Florida State Real Estate Exam! Sam has worked for us for nearly 8 years. Those of you who know her personally, or who have had the pleasure of working with Sam, know what an asset she is to our team. We are thrilled to make this announcement, and we hope you will join us in wishing Sam continued success in her career! It is our ultimate goal to provide our buyers and sellers the utmost in customer satisfaction. Our belief is that having a licensed personal assistant will enhance our services and create better communication with our customers.

As always, thanks for reading our blog, and make it a GREAT day!

The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9.11

Please join us in keeping every soul affected by the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 in our hearts.
...We will always remember.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking a Break

I've been away. It's a funny thing...everyone who knows me, or should I say everyone who 'thinks' they know me, can't believe I didn't go through technology withdrawals during the past 6 days. I didn't. Usually, whenever I go out of town, whether it is off on our boat or up to our cabin, I bring along my trusty laptop and dependable aircard. Usually I stay connected. I manage my website and social marketing. I email. I blog. I facebook. Not this time. This time I spent a wonderful, long holiday weekend away from the office and away from the Internet. I did not go through any symptoms of withdrawal. I disconnected and stayed disconnected. I turned my phone on one time, on Saturday, to call my mom and Chip. Neither of them answered. That's ok. I left them both a message, and told them not to worry about calling back...I was turning my phone off again. [I did however use my phone a couple of times to check in on Foursquare] Once, I thought about going online at an Internet cafe', but the thought soon left me. I was so happy not to be so easily connected. Lucky for me, I had two amazing people covering for me in my absence. Chip & Sam. That definitely made taking a break easier. We should all take those breaks. Regularly. I'm back to work today. The phone hasn't stopped ringing. I've answered a dozen Naples Real Estate inquiries. I touched base on Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. I've read through and answered a lot of emails...and now, now I'm writing a short blog post. I thought I'd post about taking a break from technology. It's important to disconnect so that you can reconnect with those things in life that really matter.
Make it a great Day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger