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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking a Break

I've been away. It's a funny thing...everyone who knows me, or should I say everyone who 'thinks' they know me, can't believe I didn't go through technology withdrawals during the past 6 days. I didn't. Usually, whenever I go out of town, whether it is off on our boat or up to our cabin, I bring along my trusty laptop and dependable aircard. Usually I stay connected. I manage my website and social marketing. I email. I blog. I facebook. Not this time. This time I spent a wonderful, long holiday weekend away from the office and away from the Internet. I did not go through any symptoms of withdrawal. I disconnected and stayed disconnected. I turned my phone on one time, on Saturday, to call my mom and Chip. Neither of them answered. That's ok. I left them both a message, and told them not to worry about calling back...I was turning my phone off again. [I did however use my phone a couple of times to check in on Foursquare] Once, I thought about going online at an Internet cafe', but the thought soon left me. I was so happy not to be so easily connected. Lucky for me, I had two amazing people covering for me in my absence. Chip & Sam. That definitely made taking a break easier. We should all take those breaks. Regularly. I'm back to work today. The phone hasn't stopped ringing. I've answered a dozen Naples Real Estate inquiries. I touched base on Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. I've read through and answered a lot of emails...and now, now I'm writing a short blog post. I thought I'd post about taking a break from technology. It's important to disconnect so that you can reconnect with those things in life that really matter.
Make it a great Day!
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  1. Great points, I like to decompress and un_plug every so often! Really helps to make things a little easier during the week.

  2. Yeah, I really agreed on what you have stated. It is really good to have time out of those high technology gadgets that were used to be with people like laptop, cellphone, iPhone. It is more preferable to have a fresh air sometime and mingle with nature.