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Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Coldwell Banker

Happy 105th Birthday Coldwell Banker!
Coldwell Banker has made the dream of home ownership a reality for millions of families since first opening their doors for business in San Fransisco in 1906. We may be 105 years old, but we sure don't act it! We continually lead the charge with innovative technology, state of the art transaction management systems, and global marketing initiatives. Help me in wishing Coldwell Banker a happy birthday from Naples Florida!
Thank you, and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Naples Real Estate Updates

A Diminishing Inventory in Naples Florida Real Estate
The Naples Daily News article from the weekend paper touted the continuing market stability of our local real estate values. According to The Naples Area Board of Realtors, key indicators such as 'pending sales, current inventory and the median closed price' show signs of real estate stability during these otherwise challenging economic times. Their report further states pending sales were up 2% in July 2011 when compared to July 2010. Another contributing factor is the decrease in non-traditional sales such as short sales and foreclosures. In one of my recent posts about waterfront homes in Naples I calculated that there were 214 homes for sale in the Naples MLS with direct or indirect gulf access. Of those only 12 were short sales and there weren't any foreclosures reported. According to NABOR, 'inventory continues to drop at a rate of 19%. Across the board we currently have less than a 9 month supply of inventory'. This is the lowest seen since NABOR began tracking absorption rates in April 2007. Since April 2007 inventory in Naples has declined over 5,000 residential units. Thanks mostly to smart money investors who are taking advantage of the great values!
Here is a synopsis of one aspect of our market which I believe will help illustrate the current trends in a very popular price range here in Naples, as an example:
Currently Active Single Family Homes priced below $500,000=1,300
When you add to that general search criteria more specific search parameters such as: Year Built 2000 or newer, homes with a private pool, located in a gated community, that number goes from 1,300 Active listings down to only 158 Homes for Sale in all of the NA zones in Naples. Now, take into consideration all homes that meet the very same specifications that have closed in the past 12 months: and there have been 298 closings. That equates to approximately 24.8 closings per month. Based on those closed sales and today's current inventory, we are left with only a 6.37 month absorption rate in that priuce range and specifications! Typically a 12 month absorption rate is considered a 'healthy market, therefore it is this writers' belief that we are experiencing a stabilizing real estate market in Naples Florida.
For additional information about homes for sale in all price ranges, please contact a member of The Harris Peppe Team today! 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a GREAT day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger
data derived from the Naples area MLS is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Naples Florida Welcomes Students and Teachers back to School!

Welcome Back!
Today marks the first day back to school for students here in Collier County. To assist those families considering a move to our area we have created a page on our website which lists all Public and Private Schools in Naples, as well as links to each school's website. We also offer links to zoning maps and the 2011-2012 school calendar. We have also provided information about colleges and universities in Southwest Florida and a link to the Florida Department of Education site. Here is another link which is the most recent Collier County School Grades obtained from the state, dated June 2011.
As a 30 year Collier County School volunteer myself, I can tell you firsthand that our schools are filled with hardworking & dedicated teachers, excellent administrators, and the most beautiful children in the world...They are our future, and we are in good hands.
Please contact me if you would like additional information about volunteer opportunities, or to find homes for sale in Naples Florida, please call The Harris Peppe Team today. 239.370.0574.
Thank you and make it a great day, and please remember to slow down in the school zones!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Language of Luxury

Chip and I took two new listings this week. In each case we were up against our 2 main competitors in the Naples Luxury Real Estate market. In both instances, the sellers selected The Harris Peppe Team because of Coldwell Banker's global reach, our technology and Internet presence, and the networking capabilities of Cartus Corporation, which manages the relocations of more than 140,000 customers annually.
Why do International Homebuyers choose Florida? *31% of all international homebuyers who purchased in the United States in the past 12 month chose Florida as their top destination. The reasons given are: Ease of ownership, Value, Location, and Lifestyle. In Florida, Coldwell Banker has 4,600 sales associates which are highly trained to help buyers find Florida properties that match a purchaser's investment, rental and vacation needs. Collectively, our associates are in 83 offices statewide, they speak 100 foreign languages and they connect with nearly 100,000 Coldwell Banker agents worldwide.
Our Internet presence is unmatched in the industry today. In addition to the 350 websites on which we feature our listings, we also have access to a 'rapid response' device known as Leadrouter, we are the most 'followed' real estate company on Twitter, and we've received over 25,000 visitors from 99 countries on our blog! We have partnered with, Trulia, Zillow and Yahoo Real Estate, the four leading real estate search websites. To top it all off, sellers who list with us get their home showcased on Naples Real, our very own website, on which you can search all active listings in The Naples multiple listing system!
If you or someone you know is thinking about selling a home in Naples Florida, you owe it to yourself to interview Chip Harris & Michele Peppe. The Language of Luxury sums it up best, "To the extent that incumbent market leaders rest on their laurels, do not stay focused or do not keep up with technology, market leadership is up for grabs for any real estate marketing professional with a superior proposition and the right brand strategy." We are dedicated to providing old fashioned service combined with state of the art technology. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope to earn your future business.
Thank you and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger
*according to the National Association of Realtors-2011 profile of international buying activity.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Naples Real Estate On the Waterfront

What's is happening on the Naples Waterfront?
According to the Naples Area MLS there are 214 single family homes currently for sale that fall into the category of "gulf access". Of those, 119 have 'direct' access; which means there are no bridges from their dock to the gulf.
Of those 214 Active homes for sale, 35 are listed under $500,000. 16 of the 35 are 'direct' access homes, with most of those located in Goodland, Isles of Capri, Little Hickory Shores, and Gulf Shores off of Bayshore Drive. One of the best buys in this price range is a renovated 3 BR/ 2 BA on a large corner lot which will accommodate a small flats boat, wave runner or kayak. It is listed for only $129,900. and is located in The Bayshore Gateway Redevelopment District. It's a super value! Click here to view one of Naples Best Waterfront Values.
There are another 35 Active listings priced from $500,000 to $999,999. Twenty-two of them have 'direct' access including a 2 BR/ 2BA in Golden Shores listed at $599,900. Another 'Best Buy' is a 1960's vintage 3 BR/ 2BA without a pool on Tarpon Road in Royal Harbor listed at $649,500. This is a neighborhood where it would have been difficult to find a home listed under $1 million when the market peaked.
Once you get into the $1 - $2 million price range the inventory is down to only 18 Active homes for sale. These listings are scattered around Naples in the Royal Harbor area as well as Connors Vanderbilt and Aqualane Shores. There are only 8 homes for sale priced under $2 million built 2000 or newer! I think the very best buys are 2031 Tarpon Road and 1360 Pelican Avenue. [click on the addresses for additional info and to view the virtual tours].
Expand your search above $ 2 million and you will find 30 single family homes listed that were built 2000 or newer, on the water in Naples MLS. Most of these are in Aqualane Shores or Port Royal. The highest priced newer home currently listed is located on Galleon Drive. It has approximately 9500 sq ft of Living Area, built in 2006, and the asking price is $14.9 million. There are 48 homes for sale in Port Royal.
There have been 127 single family gulf access homes closed year-to-date in the Naples MLS. That gives us just a 15 month absorption rate. 54 of the closed sales have been listed under $1 million-with only 69 Active single family homes presently listed under $1 million that calculates to less than a 1 year absorption rate in that price point. Those waterfront homes that are priced well will sell! Timing is everything, and it seems like the market is finally meeting the sellers expectations and the price that the buyers are will to pay. An interesting side note: of the 214 Active listings, only 12 are short sales, and there aren't any foreclosures!
If you would like additional information about Homes for Sale in Naples Florida, please contact a member of The Harris Peppe Team today. 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger
*all data and info derived from the Naples multiple listing system and is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Opportunity Time"

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
Right now, as I write this post, I am on 'floor duty', otherwise known as opportunity time. A lot of the more seasoned agents don't do floor time anymore...Me? I still like floor duty. In addition to watching all the comings & goings at the front desk...which by the way today it's a very active reception also gives me an opportunity to greet the passer-bys that take the time to step up to our picture windows to look at the brochures that are posted out front and grab a few magazines that are in racks by our entrance. Most people don't really want to be approached...they are just window shopping, and dreaming, and not ready to buy...But, offering them a cold bottle of water, a free map, and my 30 years of experience, many times I can get them inside to sit and chat about one of my loves: Naples!
Yesterday one of my co-workers closed a sale that was a result of a floor call. She got a call from a buyer that was staying at The Ritz, who specifically phoned Coldwell Banker because our brand was familiar to them...This particular agent is one of the hardest working agents in our office. She deserves good things to happen to her...She was filling in for a seasoned agent who did not show up for floor duty and who has since left our company in search of greener pastures! Ironically, the price tag of the home that this 'floor call' purchased exceeded $8 million dollars--One of the highest recorded sales in Naples this year! Now, this is what I call 'opportunity time'! Congratulations to my esteemed colleague, and to Coldwell Banker! The strength of our brand is evident everyday, our location on 5th Avenue south is the best in town, and success is available each day for those who know they create their own luck when preparation meets opportunity time!
So, here I am waiting for that call from The Ritz--I'm feeling pretty lucky today, too! Hope to hear from you soon! 239.370.0574
Thanks, and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Select Vendor of the Week

"If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share."
~W.Clement Stone
As many of you already know, Naples is a very service oriented community. From lawn care to pool services, professional shoppers, home watch name it. An exclusive area like Naples simply lends itself to creating entrepreneurial opportunities for those willing to take care of the needs of others, and do a good job! Each week we are trying to share with you some of the good experiences we have had over the years with service providers in our area. This week are are very pleased to announce that Premier Polishing is our Naples Select Vendor of the week!
Premier Polishing is a small, family operated company that caters to a clientele that demands perfection. Chip and I highly recommend them. They have taken care of the detailing of our boats and cars for many years. Owner, Nathan Moran is a true professional...a great young man that always delivers the utmost in customer satisfaction. He uses a combination of products that creates a high gloss finish that protects and lasts longer in the hot Florida sun than anything else in the industry today. He is also a master at restoring faded finishes. Whether it is an automobile, boat or yacht, RV or aircraft, Nathan is the one to call to keep your vehicles looking as exquisite as they should! Just today his crew came right to our office and detailed both mine and Chip's convenient! And, we won't have to have them waxed again for a year! His prices are competitive, but I think you'll agree-once you hire Nathan and his team, you will make his service part of your annual maintenance. Call Nathan today at 239.404.5174.
For a complete list of The Naples Real Estate select vendors, please call us...we'd be happy to share! 239.370.0574
Thank you, and make it a great day!
The Naples Real Estate Blogger