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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Naples Real Estate Agent...

I started my day early (about 4:00 am) working on the details concerning a counter offer...the home is listed around $1 million...the buyer offered considerably less...the seller would not even counter...NEVER has the divide between what a seller thinks his home is worth and what a buyer is willing to pay been so great! Next, I went to see a very nice couple who bought a condo from me about 4 years ago...since then they made a second purchase in the same neighborhood directly from the developer (as an investment)...They called me to discuss listing it. They were listed earlier in the year with another agent for $999,000. It was my job to break it to them, as gently as possible, that due to the current inventory and closed sales they were going to have to keep the price under $700,000...All in all they took it well. They are, after all, business minded and understand the current market conditions. It was a good appointment and I feel optimistic about the saleability of the condo...But, being the bearer of bad news is NOT getting any easier for me... My next stop was to write up an offer with a buyer who looked at a condo with me yesterday. The property is in the neighborhood where she lives so of course it made the most sense for me to drive back there (about 35 minutes from downtown Naples where my office is located) rather than meet her here...When she answered the door with, "I guess I should have called you"...Well, the appointment didn't take as long as I anticipated... By noon I was on my 4th appointment of the day with a lovely young couple who are considering relocating to the Naples area. He had been on a very promising job interview and they just wanted to look at a couple of homes as possible rentals. Now, I don't normally handle rentals, but felt compelled to take care of this family (they have four kids) as I would hope someone would take care of any of our kids if they were far from home in the hands of a perfect stranger. The meeting could not have gone better. They liked the first house I showed them and I teased them about being so difficult! When they find out whether or not he's got the job at least they know they have a good home in a safe neighborhood picked out. ~and I feel very good about earning their future business. The day is looking up... Back at the office I proofed a few ads, returned a few calls, got caught up on of which from a seller with whom we met yesterday on a listing appointment who chose to inform us via email that they were going with another agent...Ah! -we really wanted that listing! I'm feeling sad again...Then I got a call from a really nice man that I met with his wife last "season" at an open house. He recently received a "Just Sold" postcard from us...we talked about the market, sales in his neighborhood, what his competition would be if they decided to list and he ended the conversation saying, "We would not list with anyone else"! Yeah! It was a great call and I am starting to feel better... It's after 4:30 and I have been going strong for over 12 hours and I just realized that I forgot to eat lunch...a few more things to take care of here after I finish this blog entry then get appointments ready for tomorrow and head home hopefully before dark... A Day In The Life...and at the end of the day, I still like my job...and the challenges will only make me a better real estate agent. Call me...I will always make time for YOU: 239-250-4370

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