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Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's all about the friends we make along the way...

Tonight Chip and I are having two of my friends from New Jersey over for dinner with their spouses. We sold each of them a home here in Naples and it is a wonderful treat for me to have the afternoon free to prepare a loving meal for them...We get so busy this time of year, it isn't often that I get to enjoy my kitchen (except for mac & cheese for the grand babies) and even less often that we get to entertain friends from "home" in our home. Watch out Naples, there will be a little bit of "jersey" spoken at the Harris Peppe house tonight!
~While grocery shopping today I ran into another customer turned friend (instead of a friend turned customer) at Fresh Market...She said, "It's nice to see you doing normal things Michele." I thought that was funny...Then the day before yesterday I ran into Marshall's to exchange a birthday gift and bumped into two other customers who are now friends...It's true, most of the important relationships that I have made over the years happened because of the real estate friends, God-children, hmmmm...a wonderful husband! So, no matter what anyone tries to teach you about business, not just the real estate business, but ALL businesses...remember this: It is all about relationships...and the friends we make along the way!
~Have a nice evening everyone...I know I will.

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