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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolution 2008

Okay, so I've already blown my one and only new year's resolution...On New Year's Eve I vowed to write in my real estate blog every day, not once every 90 days, AH! beginning January 1st...Anyway, it's the, I'll just start today, right? Making resolutions is relatively easy...Join a gym, go on a diet, manage money better, etc etc etc, but actually following through, now that's when it gets tricky! I have a folder 3 inches thick filled with "blog-intentions": newspaper articles, magazine clippings and lengthy hand written blog entries which just never got from the folder to blogspot...Most of these daily-bloggers must have nothing better to do, yes? With a full time job, a husband, 7 kids, 7 grandkids, a mom living nearby (no mom, you do not make me feel guilty), volunteering, babysitting, etc etc etc...I am just not sure when to actually pencil in "Blog time"...So, here goes, I am publicly making the commitment to blog. I am a little nervous, I must admit. The perfectionist in me must let go of trying to make each entry a masterpiece...Who cares really? I can only hope that enough people will actually read it...add to it...comment on me to see things from a different perspective...agree with me...disagree with me...connect with me...want to do business with me... Sooooo, Happy New Year everyone. Here's to a wonderful year in the real estate business in beautiful Naples Florida. Amen


  1. Listen Michele...when I first did my blog thing, I said the same thing. I thought that it's no big deal to post every day, but little did I know.

    Now I'm lucky to post once every two weeks, and it's not that I'm not a good writer, it's the constant daily thinking of what good content to put up there that people would be interested in reading and not just the same old mundane stuff.

    Now I just post when I feel like I have something funny or prolific (?) to say. And if I can't think of anything, then I don't post. We have enough streess in our lives without having to worry a blog post every day.

    Just know that if you need someone to hold your hand, I'm there!