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Monday, October 4, 2010

September Stats

I am always a couple of days delayed when the 1st of the month lands on a Friday, but here are a few statistics from September that I found interesting and wanted to share with you: 

  • New listings taken in Naples, September 2010 numbered 1299. This is the fewest number of new listings taken in a month since August 2009.
  • Currently there are 7,709 Active residential listings in Naples.
  • Both "Pendings" and Closed Sales were down slightly in September 2010 as compared to September 2009.
  • Of the 511 closed sales in Naples in September, 437 were residential. Across the board, the list to sale percentage was 94% and the Average Days on the Market was 165 days. 
  • Median Sold price in Naples in September 2010 was approximately $165,000 compared to $185,000 in September 2009.
  • Average sold price in Naples, September 2009 was just under $340,000. Last month's average closed sale was virtually the same. The 12 month average is $370,000 after a peak in July 2010 of $526,000.
Certain geographic areas are outperforming others. The luxury market has taken off, and there have been a number of housing starts in the high-end neighborhoods as well.

One particular area that strikes me is NA 07: the communities of Aqualane Shores & Port Royal. Here are some stats that I think are profound:
  • Average sale price  0-12 months:  $4,924,416.
  • Average sale price 24-12 months: $4,263,143.
  • Average sale price 36-24 months: $3,893,318.
If that doesn't get some of the luxury buyers off their mark, I don't know what will!

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