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Friday, March 4, 2011

Personality Tests

Survive Your Serengeti
The first modern personality test was used in 1919 by The United States Army to screen out recruits who might be susceptible to shell shock...The very well known Rorschach inkblot test was introduced in 1921....and over the years since, there have been hundreds more created for all reasons from marriage counseling to employment development to setting education goals...Today, if you are on Facebook, there are literally thousands of quizzes to determine anything from which Dirty Dancer character you are to what the color of your eyes signifies...Early on in my real estate career I attended a Steve Oniki seminar and was quite taken with the accuracy of his personality quiz and how something as simple as a handshake can help you determine what kind of a person you were dealing with in sales and in life...a method I still use to this day. Many years later, I attended another one of Steve's seminar's and it was amazing how he looked at my first test results and my second test results, and almost clairvoyantly he was able to tell me what was going on in my life.
I'm a sucker for these tests, even though quite often I am surprised by the results. The most recent best seller by Stefan Swanepoel, Surviving Your Serengeti, recommended in The Weekly Book Scan blog on, offers yet another personality quiz, but fittingly, it allows the test taker to find out what innate talents he or she possesses in order to best survive the tough times as exemplified by the animals of the Serengeti. This author urges workers in all fields, including real estate, to take this quiz to help us in "developing those skills which come naturally while also surrounding ourselves with people whose skills compliment our own".
Here are the 7 skills that Stefan Swanepoel determines help us to overcome obstacles and cope with challenges in business and in life: Strategic Lion, Enterprising Crocodile, Efficient Cheetah, Enduring Wildebeest, Risk-taking Mongoose, Communicating Elephant, Graceful Giraffe. Click here to find out what animal you are.
Once you take the test, please share your results! I am going to have everyone on The Harris Peppe Team take the test---I already know it's like a zoo sometimes when we are all at the office at the same time! (*smile*)
By the way, I am an Enterprising Crocodile (no wonder I did the Swamp Walk)! This means I possess energy, creativity and the ambition required to see future possibilities that others cannot. It states that I am passionate about work and learn from mistakes...that I understand my personal weaknesses as well as my innate strengths. It also states that I am able to recognize opportunity and can make strategic decisions with limited data.
Thanks for participating! Make it a great day!
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  1. Look forward to reading about all the animal skills in the office. Hope you are able to understand the skills of your team members even better after the whole team has taken the quiz. Thanks for the post!

    Stefan Swanepoel
    Author : Surviving Your Serengeti

  2. Thank you Stefan for your comment! I must say that I am thrilled that you found my post and took the time to comment! That is awesome!

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